SCIENTACT AE. was established on Thessaloniki – Greece on 1995 by people with extremely business and scientific experience at the field of high technology and its applications, at the fields of environmental research equipment, industrial applications and laboratory equipment. The company was established, with main object the formation of a dynamic and quickly progressive organism. In order to achieve this object, from the first day were set the main axes of activity and which briefly were and still are the following: • Collaboration with internationally recognized manufacturers and suppliers. • Particular emphasis at the quality of the final product. • High quality after – sales support. • Constant communication and support of our customers. • High standards at the selection of the executives and the collaborators of our company. • Constant training of our collaborators with final object the complete and proper support of our customers. The above principles composed and still are inviolable activity rules. Very soon our selections were rewarded. From the first year of our operation, SCIENTACT presented constant rising course, at the economical results, but mainly at the acceptance in the difficult field of high technology. Today our company possesses one of the highest positions in the market, winning the recognition and the trustiness of its customers. Simultaneously, new co-operations with internationally recognized manufacturers and suppliers have strengthened the dynamic of our company, giving us the ability for higher targets and the means for constant investments, expansion of the activity fields and also expansion of the company itself. The company’s collaborators are people with great knowledge of their object, while most of them work with us for over than 20 years. The constant and complete training in combination with the many years of experience, compose the guarantees for the excellent communication and collaboration with the customers. Except from the permanent collaborators, the company is cooperating with many agents in Greece , Bulgaria, Albania, Cyprus and North Macedonia with the form of free co-operation. Since 2003 our company has undertaken projects to neighboring countries (Bulgaria, Albania and North Macedonia) and since 2011 it has developed a permanent activity to these countries. A basic factor that helps to this activity is the establishment of the daughter company SCIENTACT BG LTD in Sofia (Bulgaria). On 2016 we establish a branch office in Athens as well in Heraklion in Crete, on order to support better and faster the whole country. In 2001 our company received the certificate ISO 9001 quality assurance and thereafter operates under regulations of the certification, providing high quality services to our partners. Our company is registered at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of the Crafts.2 The last 20 years we have designed, installed and we are supporting hundreds of environmental telemetric monitoring systems. All of our systems are based on modules and integrated systems from globally recognized manufacturers Our proposal for this specific challenge is to establish an integrated monitoring system for the sea water and the coastal environment


A complete autonomous and telemetric system, for the accurate monitoring of the most important and critical parameters, of the current profile, the waves characteristics, the water quality and the local meteorological parameters. All the modules, the auxiliary devices and the components will have designed and tested for marines and extremely harsh environments. The system will be compact integrated on a single buoy. No moving parts and no consumables for its operation. The system will be supplied with energy via incorporated solar panels. All the measuring devices will require minimum maintenance.


A complete, integrated, autonomous and telemetric system capable to measure and transmit the most important sea water parameters.


No impact at all to the local conditions. The system does not produce any kind of noise. It does not use fuels and does not produce any kind of gases, sold or liquid wastes. The size is smaller than a typical navigation buoy and not affect the landscape


Our team has the luck to work together with the most important research and innovation teams in Europe. We participated,  and we are continuing to participate, in research projects.  During the last 20 years we designed a lot of innovative systems. A lot of them are installed for many years in the sea.