We propose a novel technology, CleanWave, to address the issues stated in the challenge. CleanWave is an affordable near-shore Wave Energy Converter (WEC) that generates electricity via waves created mostly by wind over the seas. We have previously developed two verified working prototypes. CleanWave is an EU patented and awarded project based on the votes of independent judges. A redesign of the product has received 2020 Climate Launchpad Asia Region Sustainable Food category 1 st prize, Regional 2nd Prize and a Global Finalist award. Please visit our website for more: www.cleanwave.energy


CleanWave offers a low-cost, low-risk investment for energy companies both due to the design of the WEC and targeted near-shore market having less harsh sea conditions but significant energy potential.

It’s Advantages:
– Scalable, lower cost investment aiming shorter ROI term and minimal OPEX
– Oil free & nature friendly technology with environmental sensitivity
– High electrical efficiency designed for 40% conversion and potential for more

Most of the competing technologies has electrical, hydraulic and mechanical units placed either on the sea level or under the sea level. When they breakdown they must be transported to the coast to be repaired.

CleanWave has no parts that can breakdown under the sea. PTO is on a platform above the sea. So it can be repaired in a shorter time easily, cheaply and safely.


Ocean energy has the potential to play a significant role in the future energy system, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and stimulating economic growth in coastal and remote areas.

Policy & Regulation: Ocean energy has attracted increasing interest, particularly in the EU, which is currently at the forefront of ocean energy development.

In the EU, the aim is to reach 100 GW of combined wave and tidal capacity installed by 2050.  Currently Over 50% of global R&D investments in ocean energy are taking place within the EU. Wave energy market is an underdeveloped and big market with no clear leading competitors.

CleanWave is a promising technology, designed for minimal investment cost, durability and survivability by easy maintenance. Wave to energy technologies are not widely adopted yet, but politically supported and they have a promising & big market.


Environment: CleanWave has direct positive impact on reducing the human induced GHG emissions and therefore a clear challenger against the climate change. Current business plan calculates the gross impact as 4.600 tons of CO2e reduction for the first 5 years, based on approximately 10.000.000 kWh from 50 units electricity generation and using the standard average emission factor from the covenant of majors technical sheet* 0,46 as the EU average. Net impact will be calculated after subtracting product footprint from gross based on the final product specifications. Also please note that CleanWave has even more positive impact in countries like Portugual, Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Greece where islands have significant negative impact on average CO2e due to the oil based generation.

Majority of convertor power transmission systems is using hydraulic oil. These type devices involve high environmental risk, possible problem is that any faults in the hydraulic system will lead to oil leakage into the sea, which in turn will cause environmental pollution to an unacceptable degree for a clean and environmental-friendly power producing design. CleanWave avoids that problem by utilizing a mechanical system only inside the sea level. This also makes maintenance easier and much cheaper.

Social & Society Impact: The benefits to society offered by wave energy include
1. Providing a new, environmentally friendly and easily assimilated grid-connected option for meeting load growth and legislated Renewable Portfolio Standard requirements
2. Avoiding the potentially aesthetic concerns that plague many infrastructure projects. Wave energy may avoid aesthetic concerns that have plagued many infrastructure projects. WEC devices are sited mostly offshore and have a low profile above water (like an iceberg, much of the device is submerged). The submerged transmission cable will be buried and will be landed under the beach using horizontal directional drilling.
3. Reducing dependence on imported energy supplies, increasing national security and reducing the risk of future fossil fuel price volatility
4. Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases by displacing fossil fuel-based generation especially in islands and remote grid locations.
5. Stimulating local job creation and economic development. CleanWave is expected to provide 5 new permanent jobs per 10MW of installation especially in the places with poor grid conditions that can challenge social inequality.


Team is working together on this project for the last 5 years. Key members are:

1- Yalcin Gunes: CEO – Mechanical Engineer 12Y experience in designing marine energy systems and hybrid electricty generation systems

Graduated as mechanical engineer from Gazi University Ankara. He worked at Bechtel- Enka J.V. partnership for 20 years. He is experience in industrial plant construction and large size infrastructure construction. His goal is to develop technologies to maximize to usage of sea and ocean wave energy resources. He has 3 patented inventions about wave energy convertor device technologies.

2- Ender Demirbas: Chief of Operations – Mechanical Engineer 11Y experience in renewable energy equipment production from recycled materials

Graduated from M.S.Department of Mechanical Engineering, B.S., Mechanical Engineer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir, Turkey. He has experience in industrial plant construction and large size infrastructure construction. Such as: Golden Horn Swing Bridge, Assembly swing bridge and cable-stay bridge; Cement factory assembly; Managing the 2 MW CO-JEN electricity plant of the factory and coal Boiler house, natural gas boiler assemby, supervising assembly of the new machines, preparing the investment plans of the factory energy efficient operations and maintenance. Mainly responsible for energy efficient operations and maintenance of the machines, and developing and implementing machine maintenance programs. Supervise factory operations to assure the energy efficiency.

3- Onur Gunduru: Marketing and Business Development – Computer Engineer 10Y experience in clean enery research & marketing

He is graduated M.S Bogazici University, Engineering & Technology Management, B.S Computer Engineering Izmir Institute of Technology. He actively participates in various marketing activities, trainings, and think tanks. As a project manager and also an energy efficiency expert, CMVP (Certified Measurement & Verification) professional completed more than 50 clean energy projects. Project include great variations in context, they all share successful execution.