Wave energy is one of the hardest on the planet to harvest. WITT has taken over 10 years to bring forward a device which will harness the power of waves in an enclosed system that would power off shore sensors or on land systems. Now with a contract from the UK government and another from the DOE in the US, we believe we can solve some of the energy needs of your marina. www.witt-energy.com


Over 10 years of development and countless thousands of hours have been spent making devices that use power for motion. These devices can be built into wave power generation systems to create power for regions that have higher power demand. There are many systems which over promise power – WITT has never done that and for that we have been able to sustain our market lead while other systems have failed to deliver.  The network of WITT devices would enable a location to have a dual effect with the deduction of wave height and the reduction of coastal erosion. No other devices on the planet can manage to generate power while also reduce coastal erosion.

We would like to propose that our system be trialed in your region because we believe the testing your team will do to determine the best possible solution will prove out our theory on a coastal defense network.


Place WITT devices in a network array to show power generation along with a system for kelp production to remove carbon and help with coastal erosion. Lastly the use of technology from MIT will restore coast lines that have suffered from erosion.  This is not something that will cost the region significant money to trial. This project has a sponsor that is generating in the billions called RS Components. RS Components has committed funds to WITT to trial this project in regions that could benefit from it. Your marina area would be of interest to us to move forward with. Currently we have proposals in discussion at the High Commission level with the Maldives, Antigua and Aruba. We believe the first country or island region to come forward will reap the benefits of our testing.


Reduction in coastal erosion from climate change

Local employment from the kelp production and support of the system

Carbon sequestration

Coastal defense with sensors that can help protect the marina

Power generation from the WITT devices

Massive impact globally once the system has been tested and validated.

Press from a multi-billion dollar public company supporting this project in region


US Military veteran leads new venture creation with a number of companies in technology founded and exited.

Engineering team with over 50 years of experience in innvoation

Climate scientist with a PhD in sustainability

CIO technology leader with a research facility under his current role

Maritime expert from the UK Navy (Retired Admiral with over 30 years in the Navy)