Power from motion – over 10 years in development. WITT now has a device which utilized wave energy to radically change the defense of coast lines. Combine wave power, with coastal erosion prevention technology and you have a massive win for countries that are near water. Does your country qualify?


What if there was a way to restore coastal erosion, generate power for sensors on the ocean that help with both coastal security and science along with generate power to monitor kelp production. This thesis of a coastal erosion system is currently being presented to the High Commission of Aruba, Maldives and Antigua. These coastal islands require a system that is both portable as well as robust that can self heal during harsh storms.  WITT has created a device that is powered by motion. This device works off of any energy from waves and will be networked to increase the power output required by regions. When you couple this with sensors for weather, wave height, salinity and coast line sensors you give any coast line area the protection it needs to have instant information off of the ocean.  Add to that the ability to grow kelp anywhere world wide that reduces carbon in the air as well as creating jobs for the local community you have a massive environmental win.  With the addition of self healing technology from MIT and a rapidly developing plan to deploy this existing technology we seek a region to trial our technology.


We would like a country or island nation to approve the trial of our systems in the region to support kelp growth, coastal regrowth and slow or stop erosion. All powered by waves.  The off take energy could be used to power other land based resources when at scale. The first trial area would be under surveillance for 3 months and then results would be shared with a goal of a 6 month trial period to demonstrate constant power over prolonged periods of time. We only require the region to approve the project for trial and very limited cost to the nation would be incurred to support this project as we have a multi-billion dollar firm called RS Components willing to sponsor this effort.

This effort would create power, jobs and green solutions to provide kelp for many industries. Wave power would be created by www.witt-energy.com.  This idea is novel and has already been submitted for provisional patent status. The WITT devices have numerous patents already issued. Coastal restoration would be done with the work from MIT.


Massive local community impact in reduction of wave height in areas where coastal flooding is an issue.

Restore coast lines from erosion where appropriate or build them higher before sea rise from climate change has an impact

Local green power from waves

Kelp production for carbon sequestration

Sensors off the coast to protect the island or coastal region from things like wave height, illegal ships in region or fish stocks all possible with the WITT Climate Defense Network.


Seasoned US Military Veteran leads the new venture creation area of WITT

Engineering team has over 50 years worth of experience in development in innovative solutions

Maritime advisor – retired UK Navy Admiral has over 30 years in ocean wave related activities

Chief Technology officer- Professor in residence at a Institute of technology

Environmental Sustainability officer is a PhD in energy specific creation.