We are a French based company called ECOPLAGE that offer customized turnkey solutions. We will take care of the studies and the construction. We are specialized in beach management and our system is meant for two different purposes: Ecoplage®: drainage system buried under the beach and parallel to the coastline and linked to a pumping station. The drainage dries the foreshore and is used to slow erosion and maintain the beach. Enerplage®: system which uses the highly filtered seawater from the drains (buried in the sand) to produce energy. Our drains filter seawater thanks to the natural filtering capacity of beach sand. The seawater we obtain is ideal for the use of a seawater Heat Pump in order to heat and cool (AC) buildings in an ecological way. The Enerplage® system will reduce maintenance costs and costs associated with seawater filters compared to other seawater intakes. This seawater intake coupled with a seawater heat pump is perfect for buildings on the coast. The installation can save up to 75% of energy and reduce up to 80% of greenhouse gas emissions. The Coefficient of Performance (COP) of a heat pump for geothermal marine energy is generally greater than 4. That is to say that for 1kW used to operate a heat pump; it is possible to produce 4kW. The Enerplage® system has been implemented in France for geothermal marine energy on the beach to provide two Sea Spa Centers and a seawater swimming pool. The water is used for the pools and also to provide a seawater heat pump to heat and cool the buildings and the pools. Generally, 1 meter of drain can produce 1m³ of water. If the length of the beach is 1 kilometer: 1000m³/hour of water can be produced.


The Enerplage® technology is ideal for the use a seawater Heat Pump but it requires a beach nearby. The drains can obtain highly filtered seawater continuously and do not require more filters. The drains are buried in the sand parallel to the coastline.

The Enerplage® seawater intake is ideal for the use of a seawater heat pump to heat and cool buildings and has already proven its efficiency.

ECOPLAGE offers a turnkey customized solution and will do the studies and also take care of the construction.


We will implement our system on one of the beaches next to the Port of Saranda and provide a seawater heat pump for the energy needs of the main building of the port. The Enerplage® system is ideal for the use of a seawater heat pump because the water is already perfectly filtered. Moreover, it does not require underwater works since the seawater intake is on the beach, buried in the sand, and not directly deep in the sea.


Studies need to be carried out to study the feasibility of the system. The system is also invisible, silent and has no negative impact on biodiversity. This technology offers technical, ecological and economic benefits. You will then be able to use the seawater’s calories to heat and cool the building of the Port and therefore cover the energy needs of the building.


We are a motivated team, happy to advise you and offer you a sustainable solution that we are passionate about. We are an innovative and dynamic company.

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