Satisfy every floating need in the marine sector.


Resinex is a specialized company focalized in the design, production and sales of floating equipment for the marine filed. Since 1961 Resinex has always been one of the world leaders in the marine equipment industry. The wide range of products and the high level of versatility give Resinex the capability to satisfy both small and big customers of the world seas.

The administrative headquarter is in the centre of Milan and the 3 plants for the production and testing are located near Brescia., in Northern Italy.


Resinex provides a wide range of floats and buoys for different sea depths ranging from 1000 to 4000 meters in particular in the Oil and Gas and Oceanology sectors. High-depth floats can be filled with high-density PU, Glassfoam, or syntactic foam for high-pressure resistance. We develop floats of different sizes to support the weight of the pipes during the launch of a gas pipeline in the open sea at a depth that can be reached from 10 meters to 300 meters, and if necessary even greater.

It is possible to combine various modules according to the required net buoyancy.

We produce floats for cables, ropes and umbilicals with reduced diameter that once assembled offer a very high grip. Special polyurethane clamps and reducers have been developed to maximize the grip of the cable. They can withstand underwater pressure up to 11 thousand meters deep.

Resinex produces a series of innovative products for the world of oceanography, such as oceanographic buoys for underwater detection, support buoys for wave energy converters, small instrumental buoys for monitoring port areas, lakes and shallow waters. Additionally, in 2020 Resinex celebrated 25 years of manufacturing syntactic foam for ultra-deepwater operations up to 11000 meters.

Resinex offer maximum assistance on technological instrumentation applied to the products.


Resinex products are always customizable and can be adapted in different technologies, this, linked to the desire of innovation can be proactive in new projects such as the one related to the energy production by waves.

Resinex company carry on all the project with the support of an experienced team that integrates different knowledges and professional skills.

These characteristics help finding an adequate solution to all the challenges that are faced to.