Seares S.r.l., an innovative company operating in the nautical and renewable energy sector, is able, with its products, to recover clean energy from the mooring and anchoring of floating bodies. Our products have a number of advantages including integration into existing structures in the area, being completely recyclable and using completely biodegradable oils. Each of our devices can be enriched with all kinds of systems and sensors that, thanks to the integrated IoT system, we are able to monitor and manage. The global trend depicts an ever-increasing demand for renewable energy resources, maximizing energy efficiency and respecting the environment. In the nautical sector, this consideration becomes exponential in terms of respect and protection of the sea. The other need intercepted by the sector’s operators is the digital transformation of ports and marinas, which, like other major infrastructures, are part of the 4.0 digital transition.


Seadamp FX is the wave energy recovery system for floating pontoons and breakwaters with zero impact on the marine environment thanks to recyclable materials and biodegradable oils inside. Seadamp FX integrates perfectly into port ecosystems, preserving the landscape and visible areas as it is installed on the anchor line to the seabed.

The device synergistically combines progressive elastic components, a hydraulic piston with moving valves and a linear alternating motion conversion system that moves internal generators to produce energy.

As well as producing significant amounts of electricity, Seadamp FX optimizes the port or marina’s energy production and monitors consumption, thanks to its integrated smart IoT connectivity.


Seares has developed three types of anchoring and mooring systems for ports, but undoubtedly, the most interesting is the Seadamp FX.

Some of its most important features are:

– Recovering green energy from wave motion;

– Enable the management and optimization of energy production (multiple Seadamp FX interconnected)             and consumption of the entire port thanks to the integrated smart IoT connectivity;

– Ensure high stability of any floating bodies;

Seadamp FX is hi-tech as it has an integrated IoT system able to provide:

The Seadamp FX systems and their IoT smart grid are rightfully among the devices that can enable ports to make the real digital transition for “the next level harbors 4.0”.

Estimated energy production

In addition to being able to install Seadamp FX on existing floating structures, Seares can also supply specialized floats capable of producing higher amounts of energy.

We can estimate per linear stretch of installation (e.g. 50 meters in length, where modules with dimensions: 6 meters long, 4 meters wide and 4 meters high, installed in series) an energy production up to 100kW at sea force 3 and up to 1MW at sea force 5.

Unlike other competing devices, our technology can also be installed on existing floating docks within the port with an estimated production of up to 4kW for every 5 meters of floating dock (breakwater).


The aim of the system is to provide the energy necessary to meet part of the port’s needs. Thanks to the modularity of the Seadamp FX it is possible to vary the energy production according to specific needs.

The buoyancy force due to the oscillation of the wave drives the Seadamp FX modules, allowing the conversion of energy through the mechatronic system.

Each existing individual pontoons anchor line can produce >1Kw of power depending on sea conditions.

All our energy recovery systems can be complemented by a battery storage system and electric vehicle charging stations.

Green Products

Seadamp FX modules are completely watertight and the total amount of oil contained within them, necessary also for lubrication, is 100% biodegradable in less than 2 weeks. A factor of interest should there be any malfunction or long-term wear.

Visual Impact

In terms of environmental and visual impact, Seadamp FX, unlike other equipment, are non-invasive and have zero visual impact as the only visible element is at most the jetty or floating breakwater. Other noteworthy benefits are the preservation of the seascape and their total silence in operation at any power speed, guaranteeing the absence of noise pollution, a source of disturbance to marine wildlife.


Unlike other systems, Seadamp FX requires minimal maintenance as it is designed and manufactured to last in the marine environment. Being completely watertight, the internal system is isolated from the corrosive action of the sea and marine vegetation, ensuring reliability and durability.


The Seadamp FX can be installed in deep water areas without any problems using a mobile anchor system, thus avoiding the difficult and expensive process of anchoring to the seabed.


The Seadamp FX has a built-in IoT system that allows it to monitor the status of the anchorage, energy production and to vary the damping capacity, thus increasing energy production.

Seares is able to integrate all types of systems and sensors into the Seadamp FX based on customer requirements. Thanks to the integrated IoT system, we are able to monitor, capture and manage all types of data remotely.


Founded in 2018 in Pisa, in the heart of Tuscany, Seares Srl designs and manufactures its products entirely in Italy.

Seares has an experienced, articulate and cohesive core development team made up of engineers with nautical, energy and mechatronics skills, technical direction and project management of research and development projects. Furthermore, young skills have recently been added to the technical team to internalize production, related quality control and all R&D activities.

To date, the company’s organizational chart consists of: 

– Giorgio Cucé, CEO and aerospace engineer, inventor of the technology behind the patents

– Davide Mazzini (PhD), who has technical responsibility for R&D activities;

– Corrado Taviani, who has project management and organizational development responsibilities;

– Emanuele Biagi, mechanical engineer, carries out design work

– Sandro Frediani, electronics and telecommunications expert (>15 years’ experience) for mechatronic component production and quality management;

– Giuliano Ferri, a skilled worker in the production and construction quality department.

Seares relies on important collaborations for the development and design of IoT systems, thus being able to guarantee scalability and quality for each project.