Conventional street lighting demands large amounts of energy and high levels of maintenance, resulting in significant costs for local authorities. Although use of energy efficient lighting is growing, it often fails to fully address the sustainable development of smart cities because of poor aesthetics, failure to use solar energy, difficulty in integrating sensors and smart devices, and lack of design for long-term retrofitting.


Improve Street lighting along the coastal road with solar energy. Installing intensity sensors for traffic.


Our idea is about the development of a technological solution to save electric energy along the coastal road, Themistokli Sofouli, in the town of Samos. We will use solar energy so that intensity of the road lights may be adapted depending on the time and the peak of traffic on coastal road.

In more detail:


Some impacts for the inland will be:


Our team consists of 12 -14 year old students, who deal with robotics and the impact of new technologies on society.

Data analysis: Filippos Malagaris, Nikolaos Paliahanis

Construction: Dimitrios Kostantinidis, Nikolaos Paliahanis,Filippos Malagaris

Programming: Diamantis Patsis, Stylianos Paris, Mixalis Galoutzis

Coach: George Nitodas