Rotary Wave is a startup which develop sustainable solutions in renewable energy field. In this way the company has been developed a wave energy converter which could be installed in Valencia Port dock, to provide electricity. In addition, these devices can be hybrid to a wind turbine coupled with the company smart pump to produce electricity.


The pilot project to be carried out in the eastern dock of the port of Valencia consists of a machine for obtaining energy from waves, wave power and a mini-wind turbine that combines their energies in a machine, a hydraulic motor, which is connected to electric generator produces electricity that is injected into the Port of Valencia network.

The location in the eastern dike is the most suitable for obtaining wave energy due to its orientation with respect to the prevailing swell.

The wave power device is based on 2 floats located as close as possible to the vertical face of the dike to take advantage of the fact that the waves impacting the vertical dike increase its height by a factor of 1,8 and thus a wave of 1 m in height. it transforms into a wave on a 1,8 m high dam, this characteristic means that the wave power device can take advantage of waves from 0,5 m.

Each float is supported by a mechanical arm that is its oscillation actuates hydraulic pistons that pressurize water at high pressure.

The wind turbine is also provided with a patented Rotary Wave hydraulic pump that is driven directly by the rotor shaft of the wind turbine blades. This hydraulic pump pressurizes water under high pressure.

Both streams of pressurized water are conducted off the dam to a patented Rotary Wave hydraulic motor unit that transforms this pressurized water into the rotation of a motor shaft connected to a three-phase electric generator.

This generated electricity is injected into the domestic network of the Port through the transformer located near the project site.

The electrical energy produced, in the event that the port does not need it at that time, it would be possible to use it for the production of green hydrogen that could be used in the port facilities.


The idea it’s install a wave energy device in a dock, which combined with a small wind turbine can produce electricity to connect to Valencia Port dock.


The main impacts of the project are the following: