Please see our current pitch deck on our website at: https://havkraft.no/presentation/ Our TEDx-talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnSZCOtuDgs&t=4s The OceanONE-film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGE-13XtWv0 The Powerpier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4-kuPPPYrs&t=4s Converter-technology: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92Y7KYpFSIw We are already working with Norwegian fish-farmers and can also provide solutions to you in a staged project plan to find the best solutions. Wave energy is one of the world’s largest energy-sources, and it has the potential to produce five times the current total energy consumption worldwide. All coastal regions have access to sustainable wave resources, and for many activities it could be their primary energy source within a few years. Wave energy is a sustainable and green technology that fits perfectly in a transition to a low-emission society. In addition to being climate friendly, wave power also has little impact on life below and above the water. Wave energy is concentrated solar radiation and wind energy and is therefore much more space efficient that the two other energy sources. Since most of the planet is covered with water, most people live close to a wave energy source. We need to use less space in nature for industrial purposes in the future. Wave power is therefore the best choice for local power production in many regions world-wide.


We can meet the challenges in the proposal with our technology. By doing a staged project plan, we can identify solutions, derisk the project and harvest values from your local wave energy resources. Your waves, your gold! We have sustainable and green technology that fits perfectly in a transition to a low-emission society.

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Havkraft currently has three different ways or solutions for our customers to produce energy from ocean waves.

1. Add-on – H-WEC installed on existing infrastructure

Our H-WEC is mounted on existing or new infrastructure in the ocean space. Examples of use here are: fishing vessels for power production in offseason, harbours, bridges, retrofit on feeding barges for fish farms, offshore rigs, plus many more.

The unique quality of the H-WEC is its scalability. This enables for optimizing the energy output to the customers needs. Installed capacity can therefore range from 15 kW to several MW depending on the infrastructure the H-WECs are intended to be fitted to and the local wave energy content.

2. Integrated – H-WEC integrated into marine infrastructure

Integrated solutions entails integrating the H-WEC system into other products intended for the ocean space.  Piers, feeding barges for fish farms, floating wind turbines, plus many more.

Integrated solutions are larger production units where all the support systems are incorporated in the solution. The installed capacity range for one product varies from 200 kW to 1 MW depending on the infrastructure the H-WECs are intended to be into to and the local wave energy content. Several products can be installed together to form a utility scale power park and hence have a capacity of several MW. 

3. Stand-alone – Havkraft OceanONE

The OceanONE is a powerplant on its one. It is a complete solution with the sole purpose of optimum energy production. The powerplant extracts energy from (A) a broad range of frequencies and (B) a wide absorption width on the incoming waves. This provides a small footprint on the production of a large volume of energy. The density of wave energy makes it up to 50 times more area efficient per MW than solar energy. This is the kind of space efficiency that technologies need to achieve, in order to decrease the negative impact that human activities inflict on biodiversity.

The installed capacity for one OceanONE is typically 500 kW. Several products can be installed together to form a utility scale power park and hence have a capacity of several MW.


We are in the midst of one of the greatest paradigm shifts in world history. The pace of innovation is high, and the changes are coming faster and faster. The transition to green energy solutions is reaping both applause and despair. My appeal is that we cannot solve the challenges of the future with yesterday’s mindset. We must think in a new way.

If we focus on nature, we have a good reference factor. How long should a power plant last to be sustainable? How much space can we use in nature for power plants and line networks? What price must we accept for sustainable energy? How should the power plants be designed so as not to damage biological diversity?

We at Havkraft strive to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. This puts a lot of pressure on how we develop our solutions and value chains. There are no shortcuts for us, as we work from standards that have not yet been set. We are pioneers. What we do today will be official policy tomorrow. There will be a requirement for a long service life on power plants. There will be requirements for the use of materials that do not harm the environment. There will be requirements for area-efficient technology. There will be a requirement for the use of local energy where this is possible. There will be preferring for origin-guarantees and short-distance solutions. This is just to note.

For you as a customer, you should be sure that investing in solutions from Havkraft is something you can reap the benefits of in many ways. Not only will you get green, renewable and sustainable energy from the ocean, but you will also gain a reputation from choosing «the next» over «the previous». We at Havkraft will revolutionize the power industry and create the paradigm shift the world is waiting for. The potential for wave power is enormous, and the positive impact on the planet also as electricity is the very basis for development, welfare and quality of life across the globe.

More and more companies say that they must adapt, and if they do not adjust in a sustainable direction in time here is no future. There is no reason to choose polluting solutions if clean solutions are a good alternative. We now see a clear tendency for companies that are innovative and adopt solutions early to reap great benefits, both in the short and long term.

The ocean is our greatest resource, and we at Havkraft have an enormous respect for it. We want to help ensure that our oceans become a continuous resource, and not that our generation will be known to be the one who did irreparable damage. Nature-friendly and area-efficient energy from the waves is part of the solution, and you as a customer are crucial to ensure the phasing in of this future-oriented energy source.


Havkraft AS is a Norwegian wave power company. The company has developed several patents related to a large portfolio of high-tech products for cost- and energy-efficient solutions for wave power production. The company has a unique position, it has operated in the wave power sector for many years and has products and solutions that have been tested over a long period of time. Our vision is: “Being the definition of sustainable ocean power”. It is everybody’s responsibility to contribute towards a low-carbon society. Our contribution is our goal that “Havkraft shall be a preferred supplier of sustainable, renewable and affordable energy to coastal operations world-wide”.

CEO Geir Arne Solheim – (Havkraft)

COO Sean Nikolai Haldane – (Havkraft)

Chairman of the Board, Ragnhild Skjævestand – (Altavida)

Deputy chairman and Member of the Board, Rune Schanke Eikum – (Tinkr)

Member of the Board, Thomas Berge – (Fjord Invest Management)

Member of the Board, Kay Ove Johansen – (Norwegian Group)

Member of the Board, Geir Saltkjel – (Ulvesund Elektro)

Havkraft AS was established by founder Geir Arne Solheim in 2009. In 2012, the patent for Havkraft Wave Energy Converter (H-WEC) was registered. This solution formed the basis for an intensive period of scale tests and verifications.

In 2014, the company set a «world record» when we placed the power plant on MS Havkraft in an open sea environment on the dreaded Stadhavet. MS Havkraft produced electricity under wave conditions that the world has never before or since challenged. The tests were a success and showed that the technology has the potential to produce electricity under demanding wave conditions. In fact, the test project survived two hurricanes with over six meters significant wave height, much thanks to a solution without moving parts in contact with the sea.

After the tests with MS Havkraft were completed, the company proved that the technology also could deliver at the other end of the wave scale, when in 2019 it managed to produce electricity at 10 centimetres low waves. The technology’s ability to extract the entire frequency spectrum at one location – from small and medium to giant waves – is thus thoroughly documented, which laid the foundation for delivering highly efficient power solutions combined with low installation costs.

With scaling documented, the next step was to ensure a delivery to a relevant market player. In 2020, Havkraft in collaboration with Marina Solutions and Ulstein Betong Marine started the construction of a demonstration plant on a floating pier. The pier was integrated with H-WEC’s for wave power production and was tested with success in Ålesund during the spring and summer of 2021. The demonstration proved a conversion rate of up to 30 % on OWC and over 60 % with point absorption and delivered electricity directly to the grid to Atlanterhavsparken aquarium.

In the spring of 2021, the commercialization process in Havkraft began. Agreements were entered into with leading industrial partners, all highly competent specialists and market-leaders in their field of expertise. Bosch Rexroth is our partner on electro-components and hardware, helping to secure the converted wave energy is transformed to electricity using world-class hardware as one of the greatest industrial brands in the world. Elpro is our contractual partner on the development of control systems, securing optimized green power production from fluctuating wave energy. Ulstein Betong Marine is a contractual partner on the production of concrete floaters. Sea Systems is our partner on mooring.

Maritime Engineering is our partner on industrial design. Marina Solutions is a contractual partner on the development and sales of Powerpiers in Northern Europe. Uksnøy & co is a contractual partner on concept-development and marketing of solutions in Ghana.

Through utilization of the synergy of the unique experience held by our administration, board, owners and partners, we secure that all links in our value-chain are strong.